What is Foodie Fest?

Posted on : Monday, June 27, 2022


The second Foodie Fest of the summer is happening June 28th and that begs the question: what is Foodie Fest? Foodie Fest is an event that takes place all over Downtown Lethbridge featuring food trucks, free samples, and late night shopping. We invite you to try the amazing food that Downtown Lethbridge has to offer and meet the colorful local businesses.

The heart of Foodie Fest proves to be, well, the food! Downtown Lethbridge is home to many unique restaurants and cafes. What better way to discover what Downtown has to offer in terms of ‘eats’ than by indulging in free food. Yes, FREE FOOD! Many of the food establishments will be giving out free samples. In May, we had the delight of trying veggie fritters from Streatside, tacos from Tacos Made in Mexico, pastries from Hot Potato, and many more. This month we have more businesses taking part and it is sure to be a very tasty day.

Food trucks are a staple of any successful outdoor event, and what would Foodie Fest be without food trucks? So of course we have a selection of food trucks lined up around the Galt Gardens. Galt gardens acts as a hub for Foodie Fest. Come for the food trucks, stay for the samples and the shopping.

During Foodie Fest, what is one to do once they have filled up on all the food? Well they can shop of course! Many local Downtown businesses will be open late in anticipation of your business. Foodie Fest isn't just for food lovers.

Foodie Fest is certainly a complete package of food, fun and shopping. Make sure you’re there June 28th, and if you can't make it, we have good news: Foodie Fest happens once a month for the whole summer!


June 28th

July 26th

August 30th

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