Lighting Up Festival Square is Fast Approaching

Posted on : Monday, June 13, 2022


As the grand opening of Festival Square quickly approaches! The excitement is continuing to build for the construction to be over and full beauty of Festival Square to be revealed! It’s time to take a look at the amazing lineup of performers and events happening to celebrate this amazing new space for Downtown Lethbridge! Below you can find the full schedule of events for Lighting Up Festival Square taking place on June 22nd – June 24th

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 22

11:00am- Official Grand Opening Ceremony
11:30am- Blackfoot Drumming
12:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (ACTO Stage)- Kristy Bruised Head & White Buffalo Singers
1:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (Festival Square Stage)- Celtic Routes
2:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (ACTO Stage)- Conservatory (SATbC)
3:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Patrick Bald Eagle- Northstrone drum group
4:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Gabe Thaine
5:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Highland Dancing
6:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Shakepeare in the Park - Southern Accord Busking (Location TBA)
7:00pm- Lighting Up Festival Square- Lighting Up Festival Square- Speaking
7:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Theatre Outre/Pride
8:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Theatre Outre/Pride
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Thursday, June 23

11:00am- Farmers Market - Tell it like it is Poets
12:00pm- Farmers Market- Centric Music Fest
1:00pm- Farmers Market- Sky's of Rigor/ Stephanie Crow Brave Rock
2:00pm- Farmers Market- Conservatory of Music (Christine Bootland)
3:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Abracadabra
4:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Rudy Standling Wolf
5:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Little Lethbridge Opera Co. - Dale Ketcheson at Lighthouse- Busking
6:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- Chinook High School Jazz & Rock Band - Evening Market
7:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- Last Minute Let Downs - Evening Market
8:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- New Testaments- Evening Market
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Friday, June 24

12:00pm- Pop Up Yoga
1:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Heros & Princesses
1:45pm- Hootenanny!
2:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- The band formerly known As Karen, Lewis and Pam
2:45pm- Hootenanny!
3:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Jj First Charger/ Westwin Thunders
3:45pm- Hootenanny!
4:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Sheldon Day Chief & Dancers
4:45pm Hootenanny!
5:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Indigidrip
6:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Willy Big Bull
6:45pm- Lethbridge Musical Theatre One-Act Play- Priscilla Pringle's Predicament
7:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Makiisma
8:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- John Wart Hannam
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Saturday, June 25

Pride in the Park
Heavy Metal, Casa