Beginners guide to downtown: A quick round up on what is happening in August!

Posted on : Thursday, August 05, 2021


It is hard to believe but August has already arrived, and with a new month here that brings an entirely new set of events happing in the downtown area. There are some recurring events going on such as the downtowns farmers market which is every Wednesday from 9-1 am. On Fridays at 7pm you can participate in Beats & Brew where you can attend a yoga class with Inspire Hot Yoga and get a complimentary cold drink from Theoretically Brewing with your ticket. The Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society will be doing various performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream throughout the month. On the 28th at the Civic Centre which is on 6th Ave South and 11th Street South there will be the Coulee Blues Fest. It will be from 1-7pm and will have music, food, and much more so it is a great time for everyone. At Fort Whoop-Up they will be having a few different events; one will be the Niitsitapi Experience where participants can learn more about the Niitsitapi culture. Also, they will be having their Trader Tales which involves tours, a wagon ride, and a live performance. Every Thursday until Sept 9th the Upside Downtown Concert series is happening at the Rotary Square at Casa from 5pm to 7pm. It is a free concert so make sure you come by and check out all the local artist! Unfortunately, today the BRZ was going to show the gold medal game between Canada and Sweden but due to the time change of the game that event is cancelled. With so much on the go and the final summer months approaching, make sure to take advantage of all the outdoor events! For more information on what is happening downtown make sure to check out the event page on our website.