The Fastest Way to Lower your Energy Bill!

Posted on : Thursday, March 07, 2013


Did you know that next to heating and air conditioning, your lights consume most of the energy in your home? In fact, you can lower your electricity bill quickly – and substantially – simply by being smarter about lighting.

First, consider replacing your conventional light bulbs with the energy-saving variety. You've probably seen these at your local home improvement centre. Compact florescent light bulbs, for example, use up to 75% less energy. Second, lower the wattage in some outlets. Is it necessary to have a 100 watt bulb in the furnace room? Try a 60 watt bulb.

Finally, think before you turn on the lights. Do you really need them on? Perhaps there's an alternative, such as opening a window blind to let in more sunlight.

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More Lethbridge Real Estate Information

The Lethbridge real estate market’s listing and sales data in February was almost a carbon copy of 2012. There were 223 units listed this February as compared to 226 in February of last year with 106 units sold compared to 107 last year.

The total list to sales ratio for single family homes in February was 57% which is up sharply from a mere 41% in 2012. This marks the first month in recent memory that the number of sold single family homes was more than 50% of houses listed suggesting that the market may have already started picking up for spring.

The average sale price in the city is $262,262.00, up a marginally from the $259,269.00 of a year ago and the average number of days to sell a single family home decreased from 79 days in 2012 to only 70 days in February of 2013.

CMHC has forecast a 5% increase in single family new home starts over 2012 and a whopping 20% increase in new construction multi family starts. CMHC has also forecast a 4.5% increase in the sales volume of resale houses for 2013.