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For Tire Professionals

Are your Technicians using the proper
equipment to SAFELY repair flat tires?

Click the link below!

" title="Tire EXPLOSION - This Could Happen to YOU!">

Every tire repair that comes into your store is a potential bomb
that could explode with little or no warning and should be handled
using the LEEK SEEKER System.

The LEEK SEEKER System, when combined with a tire cage
as shown below greatly reduces the risk of injury or death because
finding the air leak can now be done SAFELY!

Adding a Tire LEEK SEEKER System into your store is the
 choice to help keep your employees safe

The LEEK SEEKER system works by pouring LEEKQUID
into the container

The technician then sprays the tire/wheen assembly
using the LEEK SEEKER hose and spray nozzle. 

The technician is safe and out of the trajectory 
zone in the event of a tire explosion.  
*Tire cage not included

The leak will be evident by nesting bubbles that are 
easily seen.  Bubbles will last up 45 minutes!

The Tire LEEK-SEEKER System is...

                 Faster & Easier to use                                   More consistant results
                Contributes to increased net profit               Ends heavy lifting
                More efficient than a tank or bottle               Safer for your Technicians
                Finds the slowest of leaks - Guaranteed!     Increase floor space

See the Informative Video Below!


LEEK SEEKER container with lid
Aluminum mounting bracket/hardware 
6' discharge hose
Industrial metal spray nozzle 
4' inlet hose and Y adapter for easy installation into any shop
LeekSeeker Tire Chalk
*Roller Base Unit Sold Seperately


Finding leaks will now be easier, safer and faster for every tire repair.  

  Think Outside the Tank. Call us at 403-330-6347