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LEEKQUID Concentrate

The team at leekseeker.com has created the worlds greatest 
leak-detection concentrate ever made.

View the pictures below of how LEEKQUID works

When LEEKQUID is applied, bubbles will "nest" where the leak is located.  

Unlike soap/water solution that is often used, the leak will still
be present up to 45 minutes AFTER applying

Below is a picture of a separated tire.  
LEEKQUID found ALL the leaks within seconds

The below picture of the same tire 45 minutes after being sprayed with soap/water.  
Notice, no bubbles are present.  Soap/water evaporates quickly

Simply pour LEEKQUID directly into the LEEK SEEKER system:

Turn on shop water supply and use spray nozzle to find the leaks.
The LEEK SEEKER system mixes the solution for you when spraying

Air-Brake Systems - LEEKQUID finds even the slowest of leaks

Environmentally friendly, n
on-toxic and s
afe for your technicians to use

LEEKQUID is sold in cases of 2, 4 liter jugs
Replacement bottles of LEEKQUID can easily be
re-ordered with next day shipping.

$59.95 / jug + GST & Shipping 

A Copy of our MSDS is available by request at leekseeker@gmail.com

  Think Outside the Tank. Call us at 403-330-6347