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Mobile & Wallmount LEEKSEEKER

Air Leak Detection has Finally Evolved

The LEEK SEEKER finds leaks in
any pneumatic gas/air system

2 Models to Choose From

              Mobile Unit                   Wall Mount Unit


Both models come with 25' of industrial discharge hose, 
and 2 US gallons of LEEKQUID)

**Additional discharge hose available upon request**

View the Informative Video Below!

The LEEKSEEKER works in every industry

                          Heavy Equipment                Tractor
/Trailer Air Systems
                          Oil/gas Industry                    Compressed Air Systems 
                          Aircraft Systems                   Manufacturing
                          Air Conditioning                    Mining Tires-Any Size
                          Radiators                               Any pressurized component

The technician sprays the undercarriage air brake system of a 
truck and trailer with the LEEK SEEKER in minutes,
saving time and increasing profits.

Air leaks are evident by the NESTING of
bubbles on
air connections, hoses. 

Bubbles will NEST up to 45 minutes. 
The LEEK SEEKER system will find the toughest of leaks

Notice how the truck air bag is dry and the 
air leak is still evident by the NESTING bubbles.

NESTING of bubbles indicates there is an air leak

Please Note: there is no need to overuse the spray amount.
Only wet down the component you are TESTING FOR LEAKS!

  Think Outside the Tank. Call us at 403-330-6347